Best practices to follow for Live video streaming

We asked some of our existing employees and customers to share a few quotes or sayings about Livebox. Here’s what they really had to say:
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Livebox is a highly scalable network that offers multiple streaming network of media. LiveBox with a host of facilities for various businesses & its compatibility with all latest software & hardware available globally makes it as a boon to users to use it directly as they like in their businesses.
The Live Box Streaming Server has proven its efficiency in delivering high quality streaming even at alarmingly low bandwidths with its extraordinary streaming software, invincible network infrastructure & its built-in innovative Flash-Free Trans-coding player.
Livebox is a revolutionary technology to broadcast live 4k or HD Video through its powerful Cloud based Streaming Content Delivery Network. (Streaming -CDN).
Always keep visiting and and stay updated with the latest technologies related to broadcast and live video streaming.
It comes with variety of plans to suit to everyone’s pocket.

Happy live transmission folks!


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